I have worked a long time selling mattresses. I feel like one of the biggest mistake’s customers make, is rushing their choice. Second biggest mistake is buying the cheapest mattress they can find, the latter some times isn’t by choice and I understand that. I do feel some customers probably could afford to spend a little more on their mattress, but just choose not to. The little money that is saved can really make a difference in the way you sleep. For maybe the difference of one nights worth of entertainment, you could upgrade your mattress to a substantially better mattress.

You should always take your time when buying a mattress. Pushing your hand into the mattress won’t tell you how it feels. You have to take your time, lay on the mattress for at least 15 minutes, or so. Be patient, this new mattress is going to determine how you will sleep for the next few years.

Working in the mattress industry for years, it amazes me how customers will spend thousands of dollars on every piece of furniture in the house, but not on the mattress. Thousands are spent on computers, T.V’s and other appliances. When in fact the mattress is probably the most important piece of furniture in the entire home.

Take your time, if you need a little more time to save up for a better mattress, do it, it will be worth it. Also take your time while buying the mattress. Lay on it, get the true feeling of the mattress before purchasing it.

Last but not least don’t let the salesman persuade you into a mattress you don’t want, follow your heart. If you think a certain mattress is better than the one the salesman is trying to get you to buy, go with your instinct, it’s probably the right choice.