Don’t pay ridiculous Tempur-Pedic prices!

I am a disabled Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, so I am young, but after my last deployment I was waking up with neck and back pain. Part of my disability is for migraine headaches and I frequently woke up with a headache. My physician recommended a change of mattress and research indicated that memory foam was the way to go.

I was saving up to buy the Tempur-Pedic TemperCloud because I felt safe with the brand name and I am a hot sleeper until I learned of Bed Boss through my father who purchased the Heir Et from a Bed Boss retail store. He told me that the Heir Et was a lot like his Tempurpedic mattress he had at his Florida home except it felt cooler and seemed to be a bit more comfortable. I couldn’t find a retailer in Florida so I looked online and discovered the Heir ET was less than a quarter of the cost of TemperCloud. I ordered it that night. The shipping was extremely fast and tracking information was provided).


Follow up:

It has been almost two years of sleeping on the Heir ET and I am happy to report that I very rarely wake up with headaches, back or neck pain. I couldn’t be happier, I take less medication and my days are much more productive and on the whole I am sleeping better. I am getting rid of my Bed Boss bed, but only to order another Bed Boss Heir ET in king size!

Stop reading reviews, researching, and trying to find your next bed. Get a Bed Boss. You won’t regret it.

Rick C- Florida