Isn’t it funny how as soon as the government starts tax returns, the gas prices go up. The oil company’s are the greediest pieces of …. I have ever seen. The economy has been horrible for the better part of ten years, and all the oil company’s have done is gouge us any time they can. They have lied to constantly one after another, Consumption, speculation, the wind is blowing! Lie after lie. In ways we can’t appreciate they have been responsible for some of our economical problems. Where as most businesses have had to be competitive, in turn reduce pricing, the gas station’s continually raise prices, while recording all time record sales. The price of gas jump’s twenty cents a gallon, how is that possible? It took hundred years to get to a dollar a gallon, but over night it can go up a quarter??????
BP killed millions of marine life, in a totally preventable disaster. Following that horrible disaster they were still able to report record highs in profitability. Can you imagine what that was like for all the smothering marine life, while BP wouldn’t fix the problem for a measly ten million dollars.
I wish as a country we could stick together and not patronize the gas stations. Just stop buying anything they offer, only buy gas!
I know if we conducted ourselves in the mattress business like the oil company’s do, we would be out of business in a blink of an eye.
Just think about it!