What’s the easiest way to buy a mattress? We feel it’s ordering your mattress on-line. You can save so much time and money right from the comfort of your home. So what’s easier ordering your mattress with your pj’s and slippers on, with a warm cup of coffee? Or going to fifteen different store’s listening to fifteen different salesman give you hundreds of reason’s why the mattress they are selling is the best ever made.
We think the answer is easy, ordering on-line is better. You can get all the true facts as far as spec’s,warranties and delivery right from the web site. More importantly the biggest argument against on-line mattress shopping is “how do you know that you will like it with out laying on it”. Easy answer, do you really know after laying on a mattress for five minutes how it’s going to feel for eight hours, seven days a week? Probably not! Last but not least, how do you feel about the sales person telling you that the mattress you are buying is %75 off, this week only! Probably not the person you would leave your first born, right? The bottom line is on-line mattress shopping is growing annually, why? Because of convenience and it works for most people.