Amazon, the online retail giant, is a giant in the mattress arena, too. Furniture/Today’s first ranking of the Top 15 Bedding E-tailersshows Amazon on top of the rapidly growing list of online mattress retailers.

The Seattle-based retailer chalked up $125 million in online mattress sales last year, according to Furniture/Today market research, and ranks No. 1 on the list.

While Amazon is No. 1, No. 2 Casper, dominates industry discussion of the online bedding space. The New York-based company, which launched in April 2014, was mentioned by many of the speakers at Furniture/Today’s latest Bedding Conference.

How the list was compiled: Furniture/Today’s exclusive report lists 15 leading online bedding retailers. This report ranks companies based on estimated 2015 sales of bedding only. All sales figures are Furniture/Today market research estimates.

This report features bedding retailers who do the majority of their business online. Some of these retailers also have brick-and-mortar stores. Online retailers that specialize in furniture published in Furniture/Today’s Aug. 8, 2016, issue.

Companies are listed alphabetically for those with identical 2015 bedding sales. This list is by no means comprehensive. Many more than the 15 retailers listed here are strong players within the bedding industry and online channel. Furniture/Today chooses not to include some companies due to lack of verification of revenue figures.

Furniture/Today compiled this report by surveying online bedding retailers, researching business newspaper archives and speaking with bedding industry insiders. Information was gathered, compiled and analyzed by Furniture/Today’s research department.