LAS VEGAS — Tempur-Pedic is offering a cool solution to what it says is a hot issue with many consumers.

The memory foam leader has revamped its Breeze line of cooler-sleep beds, introducing a combination of new cooling technologies designed to help consumers fall asleep faster and experience more restful sleep, with all of the benefits of Tempur-Pedicsleep sets, officials said.

And it has expanded the line with the introduction of a Breeze model in its popular Tempur-Flex line, which combines innersprings and proprietary Tempur material in a well-received hybrid beddingdesign.

Officials confirmed that “sleeping hot” is an issue that concerns many consumers. A recent survey of owners of all major brands of mattresses conducted by Tempur-Pedic revealed that 46% of consumers described themselves as “hot sleepers.” That makes a potential solution to this industry problem relevant for almost half of all consumers, the company said.

Tempur-Pedic says its four new Breeze beds offer meaningful, demonstrable cooler sleep solutions for those consumers.

The beds feature three cooler sleep innovations:

* PureCool Comfort. This is “a ground-breaking innovation” in cooling technology composition and application. Best-in-class phase-change and other technologies are fused to the top Tempur foam layer to deliver “a significantly improved cooling effect,” officials said.

* An Ultra-Breathable Design. Improvements in the breathability of the top comfort layer are combined with exclusive Tempur-Climate Material in the support layer to offer “the ultimate in heat and humidity migration and temperature regulation,” the company said.

* A Cooling Cover. The premium, lighter weight fabrics are infused with instant “cool-to-the-touch” technology, and use design features and color cues to signal the offering of cool, breathable sleep to consumers.

The new Breeze models are the Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze, the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze, the Tempur-Contour Elite Breeze, and the all-new Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze.

The Cloud Supreme Breeze, an 11.5-inch soft mattress, retails at $3,799, a $300 step up over the previous model. The Contour Elite Breeze, a 12.5-inch medium firm mattress, retails at $4,299, a $100 step-up over the previous model. The Cloud Luxe Breeze, a 13.5-inch extra-soft mattress, retails at $4,999, the same price as the previous model.

And the Flex Supreme Breeze, an 11.5-inch medium mattress, retails at $3,999.

The company said the launch will replace all of the existing Breeze mattresses currently available in the market, and will be available at retail in March.

Tempur-Pedic said it will be supporting its Flex products with a significant investment in “demand-creating advertising and marketing programs” this year.