CHELSEA, Mass. – Spring Air said that Corsicana has resigned as a Spring Air licensee, effective Aug. 31.
Spring Air President Nick Bates said his brand will look for new licensing partners and said he expects Spring Air to continue on its growth trajectory.

“Last year was a strong year of new business for Spring Air,” he said. “The groundwork has been put in place for more success in 2018.”

Corsicana had the Spring Air license for 26 states, including Texas, the mountain states and the West Coast.
Bates thanked Corsicana for almost 10 years of partnership with Spring Air.
“Corsicana was one of the early Spring Air licensees in the rebuilding of the Spring Air brand in 2009,” he said. “They played an important role in forming the Spring Air that exists today.
“But,” he continued, “as both of our businesses grew, it became clear to us that we were pursuing different business models, which are not mutually supportive. As a result, Corsicana has resigned as a Spring Air licensee, effective Aug. 31.”
Corsicana officials made similar comments.
“Corsicana appreciates the partnership with Spring Air over the past 10 years and wishes them success in the future,” said Eric Jent, Corsicana’s vice president of sales. “As our company continues to focus on our key initiatives as the industry’s largest promotional, private label manufacturer, we felt the timing was appropriate to discontinue our licensing agreement with Spring Air.”
Bates said the search for new licensees has already begun.
“We look forward to a smooth transition as we move forward with a new slate of Spring Air licensees,” he said.
Excluding Corsicana, Spring Air has seven domestic licensees operating eight facilities, the company said.