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When You Might Need a Split Box Spring or Foundation
Split boxes or foundations are made up of two (2) separate box springs placed side-by-side, and are especially for delivery to places where a normal whole box spring or foundation will not fit, such as through tight doorways, staircase, bungalow homes or around narrow corners. All King size mattresses use Split box springs. Queen size box springs are available in two (2) types: Whole and Split box springs. Split Queen box springs are two 30 inch X 80 inch boxes that equal the size of one (1) whole Queen. If you think you will require a Split box spring, you should make sure to order your Queen mattress with a Split box spring. This can be found in the size selection under (Split Queen Set) or (Custom Queen). Only order split boxes if necessary, since they cost more than a 1 piece box. In rare cases you may even need split full box springs, we offer though’s as well.
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