Here’s a good way to monitor your sleeping. Is it your mattress? Or just the way you sleep?  Maybe this will help you figure out what’s wrong.


REM-Fit unveils pillow that detects snoring, monitor that detects tossing and turning

Protect-A-Bed brand makes first showing at CES
David Perry — Furniture Today, January 12, 2016
LAS VEGAS – In its first showing at the Consumer Electronics Show here last week, Protect-A-Bed’s REM-Fit brand introduced several smart products, including a pillow that detects snoring and gently vibrates to encourage the sleeper to change positions.

The REM-Fit SleepSmart system
The REM-Fit SleepSmart system was developed in a partnership with Sleepace.
The pillow and a new sleep monitor are designed to help consumers sleep smarter, officials said, and represent an expansion by the brand in the growing sleep technology category.
The REM-Fit SleepSmart, powered by Sleepace, is a non-wearable sleep monitor that uses sensors to monitor heart rate, breathing and motion. An accompanying mobile app provides sleep analysis, including how often and when a user tosses and turns at night, along with a SleepScore based on how efficiently the user slept, the company said.

The device is placed under a fitted sheet directly on the mattress. The tracker is designed to go undetected while a user sleeps.

REM-Fit developed SleepSmart with Sleepace, a provider of smart sleep solutions.

“When we first entered the sleep technology industry last year with our REM-Fit Active sleep and activity tracker, we couldn’t anticipate the level of enthusiasm we would receive,” said Warrick Bell, director of product development for REM-Fit and Protect-A-Bed. “The Sleepace partnership allows us to utilize their technology to provide insights for users to get a better night’s sleep.”

In addition to the SleepSmart sleep monitor, the REM-Fit SmartPillow helps consumers analyze their sleep patterns in an effort to get a better night’s sleep.

The pillow offers a number of high-tech features.

With the SnoreAlarm feature, if a user snores, the pillow will gently vibrate to subtly encourage them to change sleeping position. With the SmartWake feature, the pillow will detect alarm times set on a mobile device and help the user wake up at the appropriate time with subtle vibrations. REM-Fit Audio features internal speakers that allow users to select one of the many pre-loaded “soundscapes” that provide white noise without disturbing their partner. And with the SnoreScore program, the pillow will provide analytical data on when and how often a user snores.

REM-Fit Active users can also pair their sleep and activity tracker with the pillow to receive deeper analysis of their sleep using their daily SleepPoints score, the company said.

Bell said the new products are timely – and life-changing.

“You constantly read tips and tricks about how to get more sleep, especially at this time of year when everyone is focused on losing weight, increasing athletic performance and reaching new goals,” he said. “You need good sleep to allow your body to repair itself. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t perform well. This technology allows consumers to sleep smarter to reach their fitness goals.”

REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand that launched in January of 2014. It includes four product categories: Rest, Energize, Motivate and Sleep collections, with a selection of bedding and adjustable pillows, and Active sleep and activity trackers and mattresses.

Founded in 2011, Sleepace is a developer of sleep solutions designed to help users achieve their best sleep. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has a U.S. office in Los