Our goal is to provide 30-70% savings compared to similar quality memory foam products. We also aim to be as straightforward as possible in our pricing structure. We offer a range of models to suit many comfort preferences. We find that, due to the contouring nature of memory foam, our mattresses offer a type of “one size fits all benefit” that cheap visco-elastic products with fast recovery times or standard innerspring mattresses can’t.

In short, we cannot fill our niche and company goals by building in the cost of comfort guarantee into each and every mattress. However, below is a list some industry facts that influenced The Bed Boss to choose this pricing model.

The industry leader brand has an approximate $300-$400 charge associated with its 90 day comfort program. Unsatisfied customers retain any product. You can virtually buy a new bed from us for what it costs to return one of theirs.
Most manufacturers that take a bed back will legally process the same bed and resell it as new merchandise. Being a far more “green” product than most companies offer, we do not use the chemical spray that is necessary to treat this slightly used bed in order to sell it again. We never resell any used product, period.
Our mattresses are packaged in compressed/rolled configuration that allows us to ship straight from our warehouse to your doorstep. Once the mattresses are decompressed, the standard minimum dimensions necessary to ship Ground in the U.S no longer apply. Therefore, many of our online competitors offer a long trial period with the fine print that a custom corrugated box and LTL return shipping rate applies. These criteria are very difficult for the average person to achieve without consuming considerable time and money.

Also, any stain on a mattress voids the claim process upon inspecting the returned mattress. Most of our competitors know this going in. I have yet to find a product under the $1000-$1500 range that is even in the same discussion about our quality; comparing only thickness range and amount of Visco offered without mentioning many other design benefits of our superior product.
Finally, we offer a firmness scale to help our customers get in the ballpark when choosing between beds of a varying “stiff” or “cushion” feel.

Thank you for your interest in The Bed Boss. We hope to make you a highly satisfied customer soon!