MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – Global soccer powerhouse Manchester United has formed a global partnership with Mlily, a mattress and pillow brand owned by Shanghai, China-based Healthcare Ltd.

The agreement makes Mlily Manchester United’s first official mattress and pillow partner.

The five-year deal will see Mlily support Manchester United in focusing on the sleep and recovery of its players. Mlily will work with the staff at Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex, where Mlily mattresses will also be used in the complex’s existing sleeping pods, officials said.

Mlily is a leader in producing memory foam and other specialty foams, from which its mattresses and pillows are made, officials said. Mlily produces its lines at two locations in Jiangsu, China. The products are distributed to customers around the world, including the United States.

“Mlily has an established track record of producing a high quality product,” said Manchester United Group Managing Director Richard Arnold. “We want to make the best use of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, which in this case is the sleep and recovery of players. A global partnership with us will certainly help Mlily achieve its global ambitions and bring a high quality product to our worldwide family of fans. We look forward to working together.”

Added James Ni, founder of Mlily: “We have been active in multiple channels of the bedding industry for several years. Our experience along with our commitment to producing high quality mattresses and pillows has resulted in stress-free sleep and healthier lives for customers. These results are now available to Manchester United’s players and will find a wider audience due to our global partnership.”