Memory Foam 101

Developed in 1966 under a NASA contract to improve safety for cushions on the space shuttle. Early in the 1980’s NASA released memory foam to the public domain. The first applications were in the medical and sports fields. Memory foam was proven to release stress points for chronically ill patients. Memory foam is now used in many products including mattresses and pillows and is rapidly growing in popularity.

Luxury Memory Foam vs. Cheap Memory Foam
Quality memory foam is high density (5.0 and higher), is open cell, and should be certified pure!
Beware of less density and less quality memory foam. Most memory foam in the market is 3-4 lb density.

Memory Foam Density Explained
Most memory foam density ranges from 3.0 lb to 5.3 lb. The lower the density the cheaper in quality and durability. Top brands use 5.3 lb density because it gives the most consistent and luxurious feel. EASY-REST uses 5.3 lb memory foam!

Memory Foam vs. Spring Beds
Men and women are not made to sleep on steel beds! Spring beds push up against us while our gravity is pushing against the springs. Most often this creates an unnatural curve in your spine causing pressure points and pain. This can cause you to wake up with tightness, paid, and leave you feeling tired.
Luxury memory foam (not the cheap memory foam) will perfectly contour to your body relieving pressure points and most importantly will allow you to sleep with your spine in a straight position. This will increase circulation blood flow, promote better healing, and a much deeper relaxed REM sleep.

So what is the big deal about memory foam?
Men and women were not made to sleep on steel! Luxury memory foam like Easy-Rest will perfectly contour to your body shape relieving your pressure points. This will allow your spine to be aligned straight instead of being curved all night on your spring mattress.

{show illustration of person laying on bed with straight spine and one showing someone laying on a spring bed with curved spine} (can be cartoon like)

We bring you luxury quality memory foam at 50-75% less than most major brands! Now everyone can have a luxury memory foam mattress! On average we save our customers $1500!