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HIGH POINT — Looking for a hot sleep
accessory to add sales zip to your bedding
department? Look at adjustable
bed bases.
That’s one of the key findings of
a new research study conducted by
Furniture Today that examines the
adjustable bedding segment, noted by
bedding veterans as one of the industry’s
fastest-growing categories.
The study confirms that thinking,
noting that about 80% of the bedding
specialists and furniture stores responding
to the study said adjustable
bases are, indeed, the fastest-growing
sleep accessories segment on their
sales floors.
And, significantly, the retailers
overwhelmingly said they expect the
growth parade to continue this year;
79% of the furniture stores and bedding
specialists say they expect their
2018 sales of adjustable bed bases to
be higher this year than last year.
The category was a big winner
for those retailers last year, they said.
Almost seven in 10 furniture stores
(67%) and 100% of the bedding specialists
said their adjustable bed base
sales last year were higher than in the
previous year.
The survey found that furniture
stores are doing a better job of adding
adjustable bed bases to their mattress
sales than are bedding specialists.
While the adjustable bed attachment
rate was a very respectable 50% at
furniture stores, the attachment rate
was somewhat lower — at 38% — for
bedding specialists.
The survey lays out a roadmap for
adjustable bed base best-sellers.
It reveals that the lowest-reported
best-selling price point for furniture
stores was $599, with a median of $899
and with the highest-reported bestselling
price point at a hefty $2,199.
Bedding specialists, meanwhile,
did better at lower best-selling price
points but not as well at higher price
points. The lowest-reported bestselling
price point for bedding specialists
was $799, with a median of $899,
and the highest-reported best-selling
price point landed at just $1,000, far
below the high-end performance generated
by the furniture stores, the survey
The survey also identified keys to
selling adjustable bed bases.
Among the keys cited by furniture
stores: demonstrate the benefits without
trying to push the sale and position
the products as “power bases.”
Among the keys cited by bedding
specialists: address health and lifestyle
issues and explain how adjustable
bases meet those needs, and advertise the category “relentlessly.”


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