HOUSTON – Leading mattress retailer Mattress Firm is suing online retailer Tuft & Needle, asserting that the company has intentionally misled its customers about Mattress Firm’s business practices.
In a strongly worded blog post, Mattress Firm CEO Ken Murphy offers a point-by-point rebuttal of what he says are some of the “false things that Tuft & Needle has said to try and win new customers.” He said the lawsuit is intended to “set the record straight.”


Tuft & Needle had no comment on the lawsuit or on Murphy’s statements about it.

The blog is titled, “Truth in Advertising: Mattress Firm CEO Responds to Tuft & Needle’s Lies.” It was posted Oct. 16.
Murphy, hired as a sales associate in a Mattress Firm store nearly 20 years ago, said he has never forgotten the most important thing about working in a store: Always tell the truth.
“Unfortunately,” he said, “our commitment to the truth has been called into question the last few years, as several online-only competitors have sprung up and targeted us using false and misleading advertising. We’re certainly open to fair competition, but the story that is being told about us is simply untrue. They have used our logo and name with incorrect facts. It has gone too far. Today, we’ve taken the necessary steps to stand up for our amazing customers, our passionate and loyal employees and the communities we serve. Tuft & Needle has intentionally misled its customers about our business, and we’ve responded with a lawsuit that will set the record straight.”
Murphy said Tuft & Needle claims Mattress Firm is “over-priced” but said that “the truth” is that “we price our products competitively and fairly.” He said Mattress Firm’s prices “are in line with the rest of the industry.”