How well did you sleep last night?

It’s certainly not a secret that a good night’s sleep is the best way to feel great all day long. You body heals, rejuvenates and grows stronger while you rest each night, and if you’re not resting well, you are likely to wake feeling tired, groggy and with various aches and pains.

Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a matter of luck, however. Not all mattresses are created equally, and if you’re lying down at night on a mattress that is old, bent, worn and uncomfortable, there’s absolutely no reason for you to expect to feel anything but worn and uncomfortable during the night or when you get up in the morning.

While we’d like to say that a new mattress is priceless, we know that everyone has a budget and when it comes to buying your new mattress, you want to get the best possible quality for the lowest possible price.

This is something we understand so well, in fact, that we’ve built an entire business around selling high quality mattresses for the lowest price possible.

Buying Your Mattress for Less
Wholesale Warehouse offers you outstanding mattresses for prices far, far less than the competition.

Here’s how we do it:
We buy factory-direct mattresses, not from middlemen. When we deal directly with the factory, you get a better price. Every stop your mattress makes on its way to you is another opportunity for sellers to raise the price just a little bit to be sure he makes some money. This boosts the price you have to pay. We cut out distributors and other middlemen so that we can deliver the highest quality mattresses for the lowest possible price – direct from the manufacturer.

We buy huge numbers of mattresses directly from the manufacturers. This large volume allows us to negotiate the best possible price for the mattresses – a savings that is passed on to you, the end customer.

While we know you’d love to browse through an opulent showroom filled with beautiful rooms of furniture when buying your mattresses, we also known pretty showrooms are a very expensive way to showcase a mattress. We don’t have pretty stores – we have the kinds of stores that let you see, try, test and experience the mattresses without distractions and without having to pay for the more extravagant overhead our pretty competitors pass on through the high prices the charge.

You are able to deal with salaried sales staff – not the commissioned kind. When you walk into one of our warehouses, you’ll see huge numbers of mattresses to choose from. While you’re shopping, you’ll be helped by a knowledgeable sales person who is interested in doing his or her job well – not rushing you into a decision to buy a mattress that isn’t right for you so that he can chalk up another sale that day.

You don’t only benefit from sales people who are helpful, not pushy, but from experts in the field as well. Our sales people are often long-time employees who have tremendous experience in the field. Ask questions, look for demonstrations, and expect honesty from our sales staff – they know you feel you need to shop around for the best deal, but they also know our prices can’t be beat.

Selling Mattresses in Michigan: Multiple Warehouses Means More Ways to Save
Normally you might expect a these sorts of prices and service at a single warehouse located in an area that is convenient for nobody but the most die-hard mattress buyer.

This is simply not the case if you’re looking for a mattress in Michigan.

We sell mattresses in almost every city in Michigan! You can find a mattress in Michigan simply by heading to your nearest warehouse. Currently our warehouses serve:

Flint, Michigan Romulus, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Hazel Park Michigan Monroe, Michigan Lansing, Michigan Saginaw, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan

With more than three decades selling mattresses, we know what to look for from manufacturers and we’re able to pass that high quality on with considerable savings on to you. When you’re looking to buy a mattress in Michigan, you’ll never find a better deal.

How do we know?
Because our customers tell us so! And they don’t only tell us, they show us by returning time and time again to buy new mattresses for their homes or to show friends and families the outstanding bargains we offer.

We are so proud of our high quality mattresses and the service we offer to you, we have a Low Price Guarantee. If you find the same mattress in another store for less, we’re not going to meet that price – we’re going to beat that price for you. Have a coupon from another retailer? We’ll take, that, too!

We will not be undersold in our mission to deliver high quality mattresses to you for the lowest possible price.