Malouf touts merits of weighted blankets

LOGAN, Utah — Bedding company Malouf has launched a new campaign called “Anchor Yourself in the Good” that’s designed to educate consumers about the benefits of weighted blankets.

“It is amazing to see our partners try the weighted blanket and watch their faces light up,” said Eric Holmstead, the national sales manager for Malouf. “Whenever we offer a health and wellness product that improves people’s sleep, it’s a huge win for our partners and their customers.”

When developing a concept for the video, Malouf video director, Scott Hyldahl, said the main goal was for people to make a personal connection with this new product. “For anyone who’s used a weighted blanket, it’s a very sensory experience,” Hyldahl said. “So rather than focusing our message on what the blanket is, we felt it was more important to show how it might make customers feel peaceful, comfortable, secure and rested.”