Malouf flips switch on solar panel system

LOGAN, Utah — Bedding accessory supplier Malouf held a “Flip the Switch” event recently to turn on and celebrate its rooftop solar panel array — one of the largest in Utah — and eight electric vehicle charging stations.

Jake Neeley, Malouf marketing communications director, left; Sam Malouf CEO; Brian Child, chief information officer (holding hand on the switch); Jared Erickson, chief financial officer; and Preston Frischknecht, general counsel, at Malouf’s “Flip the Switch” event.

Officials say it’s all part of efforts to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.The launch of its clean energy initiatives are part of the final construction phase of the state-of-the-art headquarters, which Malouf announced earlier this year and plans to complete in early 2016.

“Ever since we decided to promote clean energy and power our new building with solar, we have looked forward to utilizing the benefits,” said Jake Neeley, marketing communications director for Malouf. “Our team has fostered a culture of progressive thinking and cares about making a positive impact on the community. Flipping the switch at the beginning of the winter months, before the building is actually completed, is a reflection of our hope for cleaner air and greater environmental responsibility.”

The energy created from the solar panels will not only offset the majority of the new building’s use, but will facilitate better air quality. Malouf is located in a valley, which is known for poor air quality during the winter months, and the company said it is ready to help tackle this problem by generating clean solar energy from its rooftop.

The solar system consists of 972 panels generating 314 kilowatts. It is the equivalent of offsetting annual greenhouse gas emissions of cars traveling 765,993 miles or taking 67.7 cars off the road.