HIGH POINT — Health concerns are a
key purchase prompt for consumers,
according to an adjustable bed base
study conducted by Furniture Today.
And most consumers say their adjustable
bed bases have helped them
with their health concerns.
Those findings underscore the importance
of making a better health connection
with consumers when they are
shopping for adjustable bed bases.
The study examines key views held
by retailers and consumers, thereby
helping savvy retailers do a better job
of meeting their shoppers’
Purchase prompts, a key
issue addressed in the consumer
portion of the study,
are important because they
help retailers zero in on the issues
that motivate consumers
to take action.
“Health concerns” were cited by
39% of the consumers surveyed,
about the same percentage (38%) of
consumers who cited “increased comfort”
as their purchase prompt.
The third most important purchase
prompt is a desire to better enjoy
watching TV or reading. That was
cited by 16% of consumers.
Recommendations from family or
friends prompted 6% of consumers to
purchase an adjustable base, the survey
What are consumers looking for
in their adjustable bases? The survey
laid out a laundry list of key features,
with durability leading the list, cited
by 95% of consumers.
Price, cited by 88% of consumers,
and warranty, cited by 87% of consumers,
were next on the list, followed
by the number of position functions,
cited by 77% of consumers, safety
features, cited by 66%, and the fact
that the bases are made in the United
States, cited by 58% of consumers.
Brand names were well down the
list, cited by 54% of the consumers.
The survey also found that a majority
of consumers — 65% — purchased
their adjustable bed bases in a
store, with 35% buying online.
Three in 10 of in-store buyers
said they researched the products on
their smartphones while shopping. Of
those, most — 82% — were looking
at prices.
The survey also found that satisfaction
rates for adjustable bed bases
are very high, with 95% of consumers
saying they are satisfied or very satis-
fied with their adjustable bases.