Less pain and better sleep

I have had pain in my back, and fibromyalgia with hip and joint problems for many years. I was always out of alignment, and stiff and sore for almost 20 years. I tried 5 or 6 different beds in the last 15 years without any satisfaction.
I cannot explain how different it is to my body, and I know it sounds like a come on, but my Visco Select has relieved so much of the pain at night that my agony is mostly gone. The Fibromyalgia still causes me pain. But the difference in my energy level is night and day. I clunk out and I’m gone and don’t wake up for several hours. I wake up bright and alert and ready to start my day. Pain wears you out, but my Visco Select has helped so much. And the bed is fabulous without all the cost. I recommend it to everyone I know.

Geneva Hancock, Age 77