FACTORY DIRECT MATTRESS DEALERSHIP- an extremely low cost way to enter the mattress business. No royalties, no franchise fee.

Are you looking for a great business opportunity with high income potential but concerned you don’t have the financial resources or experience to make it happen? Do you need a moneymaking business to add to an existing concept? Take advantage of our many years of experience and multimillion dollar buying power to get into the mattress business for low dollars.

WE ONLY DEAL IN QUALITY MATTRESSES AND MANUFACTURERS! Others are selling inferior mattresses for cheap. Customers will figure this out and will not return! We start with a strong posturized coil system and good quality foam even in our budget models and we still beat all in price.

This is how we started our company and cut our teeth in the business. We know this business.

You will also have access to our Roll pack program. We will Roll Pack it and ship it directly to any door anywhere in the Continental US…..FREE! No minimum order! Yes you can sell on the internet! High quality, state of the art, and comfortable!

No real estate requirements. Put where ever you want one – any size store, warehouse, storage unit, etc.

– Low start up fee -$1995
– No Royalties, No Franchise Fee
– You set the pricing.
-Trademarked name and logo.
– Long time Factory relationships that will get you products and pricing that would not be available to you.
– High quality products – no cheap components like others. You can only sell inferior products for so long before the public figures you out and learns to stay away. We have seen this over and over again in the marketplace. We have extremely low warranty returns.
– We will teach you how to be successful in this business including effective low cost guerilla marketing techniques.
– Customer friendly sales approach – sales experience not necessary.
– Support Manual with our many years of experience at your fingertips.
– Multi store buying power where you will be able to compete anywhere!
– Ongoing telephone support
– If you decide you do not like it you can stop at anytime.
– Proprietary products.
– Website.
– Bedroom Furniture and other furniture option available.
– You can use your own name if you choose.

Call: Warren at 734 444-7277 for more details.