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NEW YORK – Online mattress pioneer Casper has added its third mattress, a value-priced model retailing at $600 in queen. The Essential is an 8.5-inch, three-layer mattress priced hundreds of dollars less than Casper’s original mattress.
The move comes just two months after Casper added its second mattress, the high-end Wave.


With the launch of the Essential, Casper now has mattresses retailing at $600, $950 and $1,850 in queen. That is a major line expansion for the company that had been touting one perfect mattress for years.

The company says on its website that the new bed represents “value, engineered.”
“We challenged ourselves to create a Casper-quality mattress at a more affordable price,” the company says. “The Essential brings award-winning engineering into a streamlined design. So you can snore for less on the most comfortable mattress at this price point.”
Casper said the top two layers of the Essential borrow elements from its original mattress “to blend support, breathability and bounce.”
The Essential weighs 63 pounds in queen, while the Casper, a 10-inch model with four layers, weighs 71 pounds in queen. The Wave, a five-layer, 11.5-inch mattress, weighs 109 pounds in queen.
The Wave was introduced in August of 2017.


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