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FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Performance bedding brand Bedgear hosted a team fitting session for the Boston Red Sox to kick off its spring training season.

The personalized sessions is part of sponsorship agreement between Bedgear and the Red Sox that will include a full renovation of the team’s sleep room at Fenway Park in addition to Bedgear’s pillows, sheets and blankets for players to use at home.

Last week, at JetBlue Park at Fenway South in Fort Myers, Fla., Bedgear fitting experts held one-on-one sessions with each player to interact with the product assortment and ensure the proper fit based on their individual sleep style and body frame. Players tested mattresses, were measured for pillows and selected sheets and blankets

“We consider sleep to be one of the most important activities we do as human beings,” said Red Sox Director of Sports Medicine Service and Head Athletic Trainer Brad Pearson. “It is while we sleep that peak physical and mental recovery occurs. While this is important to us all, it is imperative in a sport such as baseball, where the players are required to play each and every day.

“We believe the Bedgear personalized sleep system can be an essential ingredient in achieving the goal of improved sleep and therefore improved health and performance.”

According to Red Sox President Sam Kennedy, since 2013 the team has been focused on ways to get their players the rest needed for optimum performance, and the collaboration with Bedgear negotiated by Troup Parkinson, executive vice president of partnership, was the first time in 15 years of sponsorships that provides a direct benefit to the players.

“Sleep is a vital component for peak athletic performance and can be the edge between winning and losing the game,” said Eugene Alletto, CEO of Bedgear. “Fitting players with our personalized sleep system is just as important as their fitness training and nutrition. We are excited to partner with the Red Sox and bring sleep awareness to the forefront for better health and wellness of the players and Red Sox community.”

Since founding Bedgear in 2009, Alletto has advocated and pursued marketing opportunities beyond the furniture and bedding industry to redefine the way people view sleep.

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