Just shy of miraculous.

If your old mattress is in need of a little divine intervention, look no further than the Heavenly+gel, by The Bed Boss. A combination of UltraCore and gel-infused memory foam provides consistent support and cool comfort. Experience sleep that’s nearly angelic at a price that’s truly sublime with the Heavenly+gel.

Every mattress from The Bed Boss comes with a 10 year prorated limited warranty against manufactured defects. It’s rare, but it can happen. Sorry, No comfort guarantees (expressed or implied). We hope you’ll think our beds are as awesome as we do. But there is no one size fits all sleep solution.

This has been a great mattress for us, but unfortunately every good thing has to end, and the Heavenly is going from a great bed to a better bed. The New Heavenly Mattress will be a hybrid. We should have the New an improved version in the next month.